Tattini Boots – Since 1860 in Spoleto, Italy

Tattini, a 200-year old tradition…

Professional riding since 1860

Over the years, thanks to the foresight of Enrico and Donatella, the activity broadens its horizons. Starting from the 80s, we began production and import of a very rich range of specific products for horse riding. Through careful research and selection of products and suppliers, we have retained maximum attention to quality, functionality and attention to detail. Today Tattini is a leading company in Italy, and rapidly expanding in the international scene in the design, development, and distribution of products for riding. 

It represents a brand recognized and appreciated by all the operators of our sector, but above all, by the riders who are the final beneficiaries of the company’s commitment in the search for functionality, practicality and quality of the products. As for the riding boots created by Tattini, the first patented ventilation system “Air Boost System” , applied to our riding shoes. 

Made of high quality natural calf leather, with an elastic back band that allows maximum grip on any calf, we can provide supreme quality with maximum comfort. They are equipped with a rubber sole, leather midsole, and are light and flexible, allowing you to wear them all day without feeling the slightest fatigue. The heel is equipped with a very effective anti-shock system, which reduces impact and the fatigue of the foot. 

With a portfolio of almost 1,500 items, Tattini is in fact able to provide everything necessary both at an amateur and professional level. We also emphasize the capability to satisfy the needs of horse riding enthusiasts both for English and Western riding. Thanks also to the constant collaboration with Knights of International Fame, with whom develops new products.

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