9 Characteristics that make Tattini Boots a Preferred Choice
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9 Characteristics that Make Tattini a Preferred Choice

Tattini Boots are recognized as the English Riding Boot of Choice, and our testimonial feedback is upholding these remarks. Each riding boot we offer features 9 Distinct Qualities that emphasizes both diversity and quality/comfort. We strive to set the bar in Equestrian Standards, offering a Premium Italian Dressage Boot with an American Inventory and American Customer Service. On top of these qualities, this article will highlight boot characteristics that are admired by our current riders/wearers.

AirBoost Ventilation System
Our Tall and Paddock Boot models feature a Patented Air Boost Technology System providing never before experienced comfort for all day wear! Feel the shock absorbed with each step, and take the pressure off your foot as you wear Tattini Boots even for longer periods of time. We thought to ourselves, “Why not develop a boot that displays maximum quality, but also withholds maximum comfort?”

Interchangeable Straps
Both of our Retriever and Terranova Models feature a series of Interchangeable Straps allowing a customizable look for your day to day riding appearance. Read more about our Interchangeable Straps Here

Shock Absorbing Rubber Sole for all Day Comfort
The Rubber Sole included in these boots is unlike any other brand, complimenting the AirBoost Technology System with even more shock absorption than before

Rear Zip with Elastic Band for a Custom Feel
Establishing a near-custom boot right off the counter provides ease of purchase and singularity when shopping. Our Rear Zip is both reliable and secure, while offering an Elastic Band for adaptation to your calf, ensuring the perfect fit!

Calfskin Leather
Premium Crafted Calfskin Leather generates an elegant appearance, while providing durability through even the most extreme riding conditions. Our color and shine stay true to the viewpoint of initial purchase

Micro-Pierced Calfskin Lining
Another feature we instilled with the intention of lengthening the lifespan of Tattini Boots even more. With a pierced calfskin lining, your anxiety of a temporary boot is relieved; as you are now riding in a brand that you can trust

Antibacterial Pierced Insole
Increasing Insole Strength, and preventing bacteria or dirt/water from sneaking into the boots interior is a top priority. An antibacterial pierced insole is the exact implementation to reach this goal

Square Toe
On each boot we have symmetrically designed a square toe to challenge the current riding boot appearance, and stay true to current dressage competition standards. With enough room for comfort and the perfect shape for a noticeable appeal, our square toe is the preferred choice by riders all across the country

Grip Insert
Each boot allows you to zip all the way to the heel, so that you can easily put on a boot that morphs exactly to your calf. Our Grip Insert will snap across the back of your heel for stability, and to prevent wear in many environments

Tattini has now invested over 150 years into designing each characteristic of our English Riding Boots. Over the years we have intertwined the riders desire for appearance along with maximum durability, and are not pleased to offer Tattini Boots to all United States riders/wearers

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