An Italian Dressage Boot as Diverse As the Seasons
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A Boot as Diverse as the Seasons

October is nearing the end of its visit, and temperatures are dropping at an exponential rate. Although the Equestrian industry is widespread with different environment factors in each location, each rider has their own stereotypical thoughts about the season at hand. Whether that includes cold/hot (extreme) weather or difficult riding conditions, here at Tattini Boots we admire the perseverance of every one during these times. Uprising in the equestrian industry takes both determination and dedication, and with ever changing seasons obstacles are continuously imposed! These recognitions are instilled into every step of the production and development of Tattini Boots. We carefully pinpoint all extremes, and formulate the most durable and comfortable boot even in these scenarios. It is our motive to uphold the dedication of our equestrian riders with a boot that does the same. Through rain or shine, Tattini Boots will provide you with the security you need to focus on the riding aspects that matter; while looking good doing so!

Our Premium Italian Leather Riding Boots are the perfect choice for all styles of equestrian riding, built with immense durability considerations. We have tried and tested our boots on amateur and professional riders, extreme conditions, and even exaggerated day to day wear. These tests have not only allowed us to develop inner panels and structured seams to combat these issues, but also completely reform our boots to provide longevity in areas that other brands may not

There should be no hesitation or worry at any stage of purchasing your next Riding Boot. If Italian Leather has not been in your foresight, we are happy to introduce you to your new favorite footwear. It is shameful to hear the poor experiences several riders have encountered with quality equestrian riding boot brands, or the repetitive worries of purchasing a boot in this industry. These comments include: Quickly worn leather, Discoloration, Lack of Comfort, and the most common, Zippers! Try a riding boot that adapts your thoughts to the same comfortability that your foot experiences in Tattini Boots; absolutely immense. We are as eager to provide you with a product to change the way you ride in feel, through confidence generated by a magnitude of revisions.

As the seasons evolve from one to the next, choose a boot that evolves its production with durability standards. Allow Tattini Boots to represent you through even the worst weather extremes, and keep you stylish while doing so. If you are located in an area of Freezing Temperatures, we wish you the best of luck this winter in your endeavors whether traveling or staying home! Keep your horse as warm as you keep yourself, and be careful during snow fall/freezing rain. We would also like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween, as tomorrow marks this date on our United States Calendar. Our entire team at Tattini Boots has enjoyed your costume contest submissions and the creativity behind each of them!

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