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A New Dimension

Diving into “A New Dimension”, is something usually referenced in Sci-Fi movies or anything pertaining to the Outer Space enigma. In both scenarios, this reference is used in regards to an alternative depth not originally accessible to man-kind. Tattini Boots may not be found in the Alien Spaceships above, but they are accessing New Dimensions that are a remarkable discovery within the Equestrian Atmosphere. Through a wide variety of small and large calf sizes, Tattini Boots is the source for even the most unique Italian English Riding Boot dimensions. Starting this month (July) in 2020, we are also allowing our website visitors to dive into an Interactive Dimension of our Tattini Boot models. Keep reading for more information, and how you can take a closer look right now!

Tattini Boots is invested in providing an absolutely unique experience when considering our Italian English Riding Boots. Not just through remarkable customer service and unmatched shipping, but also within the accessibility and innovative tools we provide to our viewers. We recognize that although you may have seen a pair of Tattini Boots in the past, some of the remarkable details may have faded since your last viewing. For the first time ever, we are providing a 3D Interactive Experience for our Italian English Riding Boots. Our Retriever Model is the first to offer this experience, and we are still constructing motives to make this even more fluent/profound for you! If you would like to see this for yourself, simply head over to our Retriever Page. We are eager to hear your remarks in how Tattini Boots are setting a New Standard for the English Riding Boots experience.

Taking a more literal look at “dimensions”, most of us are familiar with our: shoe, calf, and back-of-leg measurements. The slightest mistake in this piece of ordering your Italian English Riding Boots can leave you with a very uncomfortable experience. Not to mention, some unique sizes may leave you with no experience at all; or a very harsh knick to your pocket. Acknowledging this essence, our United States Warehouse at Tattini Boots welcomed sizes of all varieties in preparation for the U.S. market. We also have a Sizing Specialist in-house available for (free) over-the-phone consultations to familiarize retailers and consumers with Tattini Boots sizes. When we reference our “semi-custom” Italian English Riding Boots; they truly are the definition of semi-custom.

The Dimensional Thinking at Tattini Boots is what sets our Italian Riding Boots and Team of Riders apart from the competition. Through a vast variety of sizes and our newly released Interactive 3D Experience, we hope to emphasize our commitment to reforming the Equestrian Industry with the Highest Standards. Dive into a new experience with a company that leads the way and welcomes you with open arms. We appreciate the high volume of feedback we have received so far, and will continue to expand upon the capability our riders and retailers receive as a part of the Tattini Boots team. Who needs a space ship when you have Tattini Boots; together we can walk comfortably into a New Dimension.

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