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A New Wave

The “wave” is often used to refer to an action conducted at sporting events in which one section of viewers stand up with their hands in the air, while the other sections follow; creating an essence of a wave. This is often a remarkable sight, and only works when each audience member follows the person sitting next to them. Here at Tattini Boots, we like to view our New Standards in English Riding Boots as the long awaiting wave reaching the United States market. With our audience jumping high in Italy and other European countries, the United States can now become a part of this wave thanks to our newly introduced U.S Warehouse. Placing your feet in Premium Quality Italian Riding Boots has never been easier, and each day this wave is spreading to a new location near you.

If you have seen the wave in person or on television, most of the time it carries around the stadium several times in repetition. However, our Italian Craftsmen strongly refute any comparison to previous waves; as Tattini Boots provides English Riding Boot quality and standards that emphasis this iteration is entirely unique. New products are introduced to the United States market each day, featuring bold claims without living up to any remarkable characteristics. Equestrian enthusiasts have waited with eagerly patient mindsets for an English Riding Boot wave that washes away their need to keep waiting. Through over 100 years of research, patented components, and evolution from continent to continent; Tattini Boots’ Italian English Riding Boots are sure to drown out the need for any further wait, by fulfilling each sought after characteristic. 

As this new founded wave reaches your area, we encourage you to take part in the revolution. Witness the comfort that riders and day-to-day wearers are falling in love with across the country. Challenge the durability standards that our Italian Craftsmen have instilled into each pair of our Italian English Riding Boots. Consider your nearby fan initiating the Tattini Boots wave with more excitement than before, and ask them for their own personal feedback. We strive to quench your desire for Premium Quality Italian English Riding Boots, without imposing the dreaded implications that make life more difficult. For the first time, you can remain entirely comfortable taking part in an English Riding Boot wave.

With the current implications of COVID-19, it might be some time before we attend a live sporting event again. In this case however, Tattini Boots is bringing a new wave directly to you; through retail locations across the United States. Thank you for tuning in with us on social media and our blog. We are eager to witness your interaction with our Italian English Riding Boots as you see for yourself the positive claims spread by riders across the country. Wave after wave, our team at Tattini Boots is proud to offer a New Standard in English Riding Boots that will have you surfing, instead of waiting for the next. Acknowledging the let-downs of riders throughout the country in other brands, we have continuously taken this feedback into consideration to craft an Italian English Riding Boot that can truly be considered A New Wave.

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