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Absolute Refinement

Reaching a state of absolute refinement is an avid process bounded by immense attention to detail and customer satisfaction. A refined essence is achieved only through an extensive research process, going beyond what meets the eye. 24-karat gold is a near 100% refined, with only slight impurities. Depending upon whether refiners choose the Miller or Wohlwill process; the time it takes to refine and their overall purities are affected by 0.05%. Although the differentiation in quality may never be noticed at plain site, those differences still lay beneath the surface. Here at Tattini Boots, our Italian Craftsmen are entirely devoted to Absolute Refinement through substantial attention to detail in each of our Italian English Riding Boots. We believe that outer quality/presentation is a mere bonus, while what lays within is the true soul; determining longevity and overall admiration. Thanks to an extensive research process, rest assured that in Tattini Boots you experience the qualities within Absolute Refinement.

Intensive Refinement demands Extensive Experience. The level of attribution invested in the develop of each Italian English Riding Boot is what sets them apart from their competitors. Imagine two competitors who both make a beautiful cake, who guarantees that it will taste good as well? Since 1860, Tattini Boots have conducted user testing and equestrian related research to craft Italian English Riding Boots that not only surpass physical expectations, but also those of durability and comfort. What lays within is often a consideration that is forgotten when investing in a pair of English Riding Boots. Although you may experience a remarkable initial presentation; lower refinement equals a higher percentage of these feelings existing only temporarily. What lies within your Italian English Riding Boots truly matters, and Tattini Boots is taking care of it.

The incredible craftsmanship in these soft, supple-yet substantial leather , that feels like “butta”!! No break in! Leather only the way Italians can master! Beautiful, classical design with just a touch of bling that compliments the boot, rather than be distracting. American horse ladies, these boots are going to take our equestrian sports by storm!
– Diana S

Backed by customer support and countless years of user testing, Tattini Boots feature their version of refinement through a variety of our Italian Riding Boot qualities. Break apart our sole on our Instagram or home page and witness the layers of comfort that lay within. View our internal characteristic page to take a deeper look at the qualities Tattini Boots are hiding (unintentionally). For a more thorough outer perspective, visit our Retriever or Terranova models to dive into a new perspective with our Immersive 3D-view technology. Here at Tattini Boots we have nothing to hide, laying both the internal and external components of our footwear for you to examine.

Gold is often used as a decorative piece, therefore many do not fret too harshly over a lack of 0.05% purity. However in the industry of English Riding Boots, where your item is tried and trued for hours days-to-day, internal quality is almost always experienced (sometimes literally). Attention to detail is a characteristic our Italian craftsmen have mastered, incomparable to factory production. Allow us to present you with a Riding Boot that combines Beauty/Elegance, Comfort, and Durability with the highest purity. At Tattini Boots we don’t cut corners in our production, so you don’t have to make sacrifices in your quality. Experience a satisfaction that lasts as long as you intend, through our process of Absolute Refinement

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