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Cleaning & Maintenance Instructions

Here at Tattini Boots we recognize the sincerity of your investment in a Premium Italian English Riding Boot brand. When instilling your time, effort, and money into a quality brand; you as a customer or store owner should also receive quality satisfaction. This is just one more reason why Tattini Boots has established a United states based inventory with owners on standby to answer any of your questions. Upkeep of your English Riding Footwear should be considered to ensure a maximum lifespan as they are put through an equestrian endurance trial! Although our Italian Craftsmen have implemented quality measures of their own, it is still important to devote attention to your Italian Riding Boots to withhold your “like new quality” to the highest extent.

It is important to acknowledge that through our detailed Italian Craftsmanship process, the highest quality and development manners are attributed to each pair of riding boots. We recognize that general and consistent care is not always the case, and many of us rely heavily upon the original product instead of our own own added maintenance. After all, with such an investment, who would be thrilled at the idea that cleaning and maintenance must also be applied out of our own time. In this regard however, consider your own personal home or vehicle and the added maintenance that is carried even with the most luxury of brands or material. Granite countertops or Plastic, they still must be cleaned on a frequent basis. An older vehicle or even the newest vehicle on the market must undergo frequent oil changes and maintenance as well. Similarly, your Tattini Boots can withhold quality on their own, but that still leaves you with the control to undergo proper measures maintaining their “perfect appearance”.

When storing your Tattini Boots, we recommend preserving the product in a location with breathing room, far from any heat sources in a shady area. Ensuring that the product remains in a breathable case allows the leather to treat itself to a natural environment retaining its semi-custom fit from year to year. Check out our cost friendly Boot Bag constructed to fulfill your storage needs. After each use, our Premium Italian Leather should be wiped with a warm dampened sponge, and then left to air dry without the use of sun or other heat sources. Treating your Italian English Riding Boots with beeswax is an all natural waterproofing solution, keeping the leather hydrated through storage as well. Within your Riding Boots you will notice a hole behind the heel. In order to maintain proper functionality of air exchange throughout the entire Boot, it is necessary to remove any soil or sand with a toothpick from this area as well. Our YKK zippers are built to withstand even the toughest scenarios, however we still recommend proceeding with cleaning your zipper from any dust or debris to strengthen its capability. Make sure that leather care products do not come in conact with the elastic band or fibers may be damaged and inhibit its ability to perform as expected.

Although each of our products are build to withstand even the most crucial circumstances, our team at Tattini Boots still would like to place the power of “next level cleaning and maintenance” in your hands if chosen. From our Detailed Italian Craftsmanship to your detailed investment of these cleaning and maintenance techniques, you can be sure that your Riding Boots last longer than you intend. We strive to remove the limits on quality, and offering these instructions is just one more way for our team at Tattini Boots to do so. Our motive is directly in accordance with your satisfaction, rather than concealing these options from the rider in an effort to drive more sales due to lack of quality. Indulge in our “New Standard”, and join the Tattini Boots family.

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