Complete your Dressage Appearance Italian English Riding Boots
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Complete your Dressage Appearance

Dressage is derived from the French word meaning “training”, and in the equestrian world is used quite frequently to depict a particular line of fashion. Currently, competitive dressage includes progressively ranking from tier to tier, with a critical point system on a scale from 1-10. Every aspect of the riders and horse performance from movement to handling is judged specifically to determine an overall quality ranking. Special dressage tests are also included for musical freestyle, sport horse breeding, and multiple horse or rider performances. Such a refined industry with quality standards requires apparel that also upholds these elements in accordance. Here at Tattini Boots we recognize the months/years of training invested into perfecting your dressage performance, and have spent an equal amount of time developing the boot for you to perfect your appearance.

Beginning with premium quality leather pieces with Italian Craftsmanship, we assure you that the shear look of Tattini Boots will complete the outfit of your dressage appearance. Refined seems and textured palettes allow you to stand out amongst the competition with admiration form your peers. Our crafters attention to detail ensures that others attentiveness will only confirm our highest quality standards. With over 150 years of experience in equestrian footwear, our rider feedback has allowed for a supreme evolution in the boots we offer. The features commonly searched for have been instilled, and the issues that frequently occur have been accounted for.

Not only is your outward presentation vital in the field of dressage, but also your overall comfort. Although a boot of maximum quality and a lack of comfort is both accessible and possible, there is no absolute need when other affordable options are available. Tattini Boots includes an elastic band to provide the snug fit you are looking for, while still allowing the breathing room you are looking for. Our zipper, connected to this elastic band on our higher end models, flows freely to the bottom of the foot providing ease when sliding the boot on and off. Our highly noted Patented Air Boost Technology System expresses maximum comfort with each step. We strive to relieve the pressure in dressage competitions, while relieving the pressure in your foot at the same time.

At Tattini Boots we are committed to riding excellence, and have dedicated our resources into providing dressage competitors with a riding boot to meet their standards. Hear it from our sponsored riders and ambassadors on Instagram, or see for yourself on our Product Page just why Tattini Boots sets the bar in Equestrian Footwear. Perfect your style and alter your comfort standards for a boot that gives you back what you put in. We are anxious to provide you with the boot line you deserve, only solidifying the part for your upcoming dressage performance.

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