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Crafted In: Italy

There is something to be said about a home-cooked meal, delivering more taste and aroma than the same meal from a typical restaurant. It is safe to say that authenticity is not only preferred, but better in all its entirety! Within the Equestrian industry, English Riding Boots carry the same preference of quality. Many riders across the country recognize lack of comfort and premature quality issues, but forget to consider the English Riding Boots location of development. In some scenarios, these products are not even constructed by real people, and are factory built in a country you probably haven’t even heard of. To evolve this perception even further, even top brands (without being specific) currently in the United States Market are following this factory built pattern. At Tattini Boots, each of our English Riding Boots are constructed with the finest Italian Craftsmanship. Each pair of our Italian Boots are delivered directly from Spoleto, Italy; and arrive at our Illinois Warehouse for retailers and consumers across the country.

What is so important about the location?
Authenticity, Tradition, History: These are just a few words that pinpoint the differentiation between Italian Made and anywhere else. Just as one might prefer pasta or pizza made by Italian Chefs, Equestrian riders across the country prefer English Riding Boots crafted by those with a pristine attention to detail and riding quality. In operation since 1860, Tattini Boots withholds a stronghold tradition with commitment to the evolving Riding Boot Industry. We understand the desires of equestrian riders as those of our own continuously propose new ideas allowing us to repetitively set the standard. With recognition to the Financial Debt Crisis post World War II, many companies fled to countries that exploited workers in an effort to exploit buyers with cheapest production. Luxury brands such as Gucci, Prada, and our own stuck to the commitment of authenticity and consumer quality. Sacrificing a location in which quality brands are developed for a location bounded by factory establishment will be noticed with every step. Place your trust in Italian Crafted English Riding Boots and give yourself an experience you deserve.

Wouldn’t a Factory or Machine do it better?
In some cases, a machine can most definitely outperform a human. When developing products that simply need to “function”, with no consideration for comfort or quality, then machine/factory use will always outperform a human. However, when constructing a product with supreme reliance of comfort, durability, and overall quality; a machine can not instill the amount of attentive detail as an Italian Craftsman. Not all leather reacts the same, and with a process as extensive as footwear development, no machine could outperform a human. So why do major English Riding Boot companies use factories to develop their footwear? To capitalize on speed (production quantity) and lower cost (less workers); or in other words: value personal benefits over that of their riders.

Next time you consider running through a fast food restaurant, consider the difference in your favorite home cooked meal. Bring this attention to your clothing and footwear, and question its comfort and durability. Does something feel off about your Riding Boots? Have you ever considered that they could feel even better simply because you have not experienced it yet? Location derives much more purpose that the label, emphasizing authenticity and human craftsmanship. Our team at Tattini Boots challenges you to research where your current English Riding Boots are manufactured; the results might shock you. One day we look forward to providing you with the experience of Italian Crafted English Riding Boots from Spoleto, Italy. As someone solely dedicated to the Equestrian industry, you deserve the quality and comfort found in Tattini Boots

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