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Define: New Standard

Our entire Team at Tattini Boots is committed to setting a new Standard in English Riding Boots throughout the United States. Prevalent since 1860 in Europe, our Italian Crafted Riding Boots are expanding to retail stores across America. Withholding a provision to revolutionize the industry, one can only ask “What exactly is this new Standard?”. Devoted craftsman and local Tattini ancestors have compiled feedback regarding quality, customer service, delivery time, and overall satisfaction for all equestrian riders. Attributing vast detail to these qualities proposes an admirable presentation to English Riding Boots retailers and wearers across the country; allowing us to confidently exclaim a complete and refined “New Standard”.

Rather than capitalizing upon mass production and monetary objectives, Tattini Boots is a company devoted to overall long term satisfaction through honest quality and efforts. Featuring an unmatchable durability and elegant appearance, our English Riding Boots raise the standards for all mid range priced English Riding Boots. With a remarkable presentation and unfound characteristics in other brands, we challenge top equestrian brands currently on the market; all while maintaining the reasonable price our industry deserves. Through direct ancestor correlation, our price is not a matter of compromised quality, but rather fair handling and factory avoidance. Straight from Spoleto, Italy to our Illinois warehouse raises the currently standard in costly apparel featuring less attractive qualities.

A direct relationship with an Italian Crafted English Riding Boot manufacturer is no longer a fantasy. When working with Tattini Boots, we have owners on standby within your time zone to answer any questions or concerns. Our United States warehouse and direct owner relationship proposes an incomparable industry standard. Shipment times are drastically reduced to desired deadlines, while the ease of coordinating each order no longer proposes the undesired anxiety. Maintaining a thorough inventory places these standards within reach, all with a seamless process. Rest assured that delays and other non preferred factors are relieved as you work with representatives as devoted to the industry as yourself. We believe in an honest and loyal business relationship, on standby for your needs throughout all hours of the day.

At Tattini Boots we have fulfilled the gaps of time and shipment barriers, direct communication, and unmatchable fair priced quality. Without cutting corners, our Italian Crafted Riding Boots are available just a few states away; facilitating the order process for the growing desire of Tattini Boots. As we continue to Set a New Standard; we would love to work hand in hand presenting Riding Boots the industry deserves. Feel free to reach out to our team at any time with any questions or discussions, and we would be more than happy to give you our time. Provide yourself and local community with a resounding quality from Italian Crafted English Riding Boots to United States time based customer service. Continually taking into consideration the lacking attributes of other brands; we are anxious to not only define this new standard, but raise it from year to year.

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