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Dressage Boots or Field Boots

Whether you are seeking a pair of Dressage Boots to uphold your sleek appearance, or a pair of Field Boots to devote yourself to the work; Tattini Boots has your style preference covered! Our variety of Italian English Riding Boots keeps it simple, ensuring you are always wearing our top model! Rather than releasing a monthly pair of English Riding Boots consistently pushing your current style trend in reverse, we continually devote ourselves to the current models offered. We invest years of research and testing into each of our Riding Boots before unveiling to the public, diminishing quality issues and common problems found in other brands. Each of our current models have been thoroughly tested, and are being worn by national riders across the country today; who supply us with the satisfactory remarks that our Team at Tattini Boots lives for!

Our Retriever (Field Boot) and Terranova (Dressage Boot) models offer you an intuitive level of customization, without the need to change your footwear! With our Interchangeable Straps, you can keep your foot in one of our highest vouched Italian Riding Boots, while altering its appearance on your own in just a few seconds. The inner calf of these riding boots also features a grip material, preventing wear between the Saddle and the Boot. The Premium Calfskin Leather within these models are constructed in a way to remain firm and sleek, while still molding to your leg as if they were completely custom!

Our Breton (Field Boot) and Bracco (Dressage Boot) models change the game and include a Premium Grained Calfskin Leather. This leather is not only highly admirable, but includes a stretch comfort feel; less firm than the other models! Try the Breton in the Brown Color option, and make a statement with your Italian English Riding Boot selection.

Our Boxer (Field Boot) and Terrier (Dressage Boot) models, also referred to as our best sellers, are a simplified and affordable pair of our finest Italian English Riding Boots. Still featuring our Premium Calfskin Leather and near custom fit, these two styles of riding boots are bound to take your endeavors to the next level!

Through refined research and thorough Italian Craftsmanship, these Italian Riding Boots have evolved to one of the most competitive options on the market. As a company that has received growth in Italy since 1860, we have committed to providing the United States with an even higher level of excellence. Each of our Italian Dressage Boots and Field Boots have been x-rayed for comparisons within the market, and our avid team has instilled every manner of their own to introduce the public to a New Standard. Inclusive to the affordable price and unique characteristics, each of our Tattini Boots models also feature a Patented Air Boost Technology System; offering a sense comfort like never before. If you are new to Tattini Boots, we welcome you to our family; where your satisfaction comes first! If you are returning, we thank you for your dedication to our Italian English Riding Boots; and look forward to our mutual provision of shaping the Equestrian Industry for years to come!

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