Tattini Boots: Exceptional Quality and Customer Service
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Exceptional Quality & Customer Service

Tattini Boots, a company built on the grounds of Spoleto Italy in 1860, have arrived to the United States for the first time ever. We offer exceptional Italian hand crafted boots with direct American Customer Service. Our warehouse is located in Central Illinois, relieving shipping times and providing you with a quality boot at the fastest rate possible. We assure you that Tattini Boots is the company to work with, as we are dedicated to offering the full Tattini experience with quality all around.

The anxiety of purchasing a boot that falls apart in a couple of months is over. We have heard it all, “Broken Zippers, Torn Leather, Decreased Comfort”. Not only do Tattini Boots break in perfectly to your foot, their durability features a life span with longevity like no other business. Through trial and rigorous sport testing, features of our boot have been added for further prevention in regards to these categories. If you own or are thinking about purchasing Tattini Boots it is important to note that these characteristics aren’t highlighted exponentially; but are there for a reason. Such as our: Elastic Stretch Seam before the zipper (Preventing Zipper Malfunctions), a tiny Zipper Flap (holding the zipper in place and also protecting it during riding), Graded Inner Calf Leather on our upper models (Preventing Torn Leather), and many more! If you are on the search for a Boot with both maximum quality and durability; then your hunt is ends here

Working with Italian or Overseas Brands not only arrises worry in regards to boot quality, but also Customer Service. What if there is an issue with the boot, are you willing to work with a business on a different time zone? What if you have a timely issue before your next show, how urgently will it be responded to? Tattini Boots offers exceptional customer service to both customers and retailers as we work with you with hourly replies on a very similar time zone. The hesitation of buying from or signing with an out of country business for Premium Hand-Crafted Italian Leather is over. Allow us to provide you with everything you are looking for, as we strive for a long term relationship with anyone interested in Tattini Boots

We look forward to providing you with a new experience in Equestrian Footwear

– Tattini Boots

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