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Footwear You’ve Dreamed Of

All too often, we may find ourselves hoping or dreaming for an alternative reality then what is right in front of us. In some scenarios this can be a detrimental thought process, and in others this is the motive that provides innovation where needed. We all may have dreamed about a home or car; but what about an Italian English Riding Boot you have always dreamed of? As another Luxury item prevalent in an Equestrian Career, there must have been a moment where you visualized characteristics or differences not offered in your current English Riding Boots. Our expert craftsman at Tattini Boots in Spoleto Italy are often referred to as “Dream Hoppers”. As they have listened to the spoken dreams of Equestrian Riders across the country, and instilled them into an affordable Italian English Riding Boot.

Quality and Durability You Have Dreamed of
Some of our most blatant remarks of hopes and wishes are experienced (or even spoken), when something goes wrong. In these instances it may even be difficult not to unleash words beyond your everyday vocabulary. With relevance to Equestrian Ridings, we commonly hear the following remarks about other brands: “My Zipper Broke on my Riding Boots in less than 3 months”, “The Leather is beginning to wear and I have barely road in them”, “I paid an exponential amount for these Boots and they are not comfortable at all”. Just by reading a few of these, it is likely you were able to ponder upon a few of your own remarks. Of course, proper care must be taken with English Riding Boots. However in these cases, issues took place even with ongoing care. Tattini Boots have tried and tested their footwear for semi-custom comfort, easy break in time, and unmatched durability. The difference being: with true and dedicated craftsmen, we can make revisions in accordance with the feedback (or dreams) of our Equestrian Riders.

Characteristics You Have Dreamed of
Beyond the common preference of immense durability and maximum comfort, sometimes our own minds reach an innovative level and begin desiring features that do not even exist! Here at Tattini Boots, we are dreamers as well; and you may find that we are on the same page when it comes to exclusive characteristics. With compiled feedback from many riders, we heard the dream, “When will there be an English Riding Boot that allows me to customize it myself”. Prompting our Italian craftsmen to develop our Interchangeable Straps (featured on the Retriever and Terranova models), to place customization in your hands. Another dream included, “When will there be an English Riding Boot that I can actually wear all day, or have a system like the AirBoost Nike’s?” Again, prompting our craftsmen to develop a Patented Air Boost Technology exclusive to Tattini Footwear.

Whether referred to as “Dream Hopping” or simply “Listening to Equestrian Rider Requests”; our Italian English Riding Boots were crafted with your dreams in mind, along with some of our own. The ability to shape your reality into the alternative qualities you seek is now in reach. Remarkable and adapted quality combined with innovative/exclusive features allows Tattini Boots to offer the Footwear You’ve Dreamed Of. We motivate you to keep dreaming, but with the new mentality that “Dreams Really do Come True”.

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