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Indefinite Revisions

In 1962, NASA forgot a hyphen in the programming of Mariner 1; costing them $80 Million Dollars after the device exploded just moments after launch. Although humans and companies strive for perfection, many lack this quality and incur mistakes either through accidental or careless means. This simply emphasizes the importance of revision; while also exclaiming that one instance is not enough to avoid a mistake; or in NASA’s case, an explosion. Here at Tattini Boots, our Premium Italian English Riding Boots have been undergoing countless revisions since 1860. Italian Craftsmen are continuously devoting their attention toward rider feedback and recommendations. Even if perceived perfection is obtained, we acknowledge the ever-progressing industry requiring countless revisions to stay on top of the competition. This understanding allows our Italian Craftsman to direct their focus toward evolution; rather than pushing out-dated English Riding Boot models hindering progression.

The innovation and research at Tattini Boots is more profound behind the scenes, we just choose to conceal the complexity while delivering you the Italian English Riding Boots you deserve. Before and after each model release, we analyze consumer feedback while performing stress tests of our own; similar to one of those car commercials (without the injuring of test dummies). In order to acknowledge where revisions are necessary, we listen to the concerns of riders and retailers all across the country. Applying honest evaluations into the revisions we conduct, Tattini Boots continues to Set a New Standard in English Riding Boots as a company that fulfills requests instead of ignoring them. In an effort to achieve these sought after qualities, Tattini Boots has implemented patented features, custom techniques, and remarkable customer service within our provision to offer riders the best possible experience.

Our true motive is to come as close to delivering that perfect Italian English Riding Boots as possible; with recognition that it will require an indefinite number of revisions to get there. Rather than adapting to existing trends, our team at Tattini Boots is committed to establishing them on our own. With new models already undergoing construction to join the refined list of already tried and trued models, we are eager to expand this loyal variety from coast to coast. Whether you are seeking Dressage Boots, Field Boots, Paddock Boots, or Accessories such as our Pitbull Sneakers; the confidence you look for in your footwear is finally here. As our Italian Crafted English Riding Boots appear in stores near you, we encourage you to experience what true attention to detail feels like.

Next time you find yourself typing an email, taking a photograph, or just admiring physical quality; consider the amount of revisions necessary to ensure the perception of perfection. Consider a company that does not stop when perfection is perceived, but continues to set the progressive trends for others to follow. Founded in Spoleto, Italy in 1860; Tattini Boots is proud to migrate throughout the United States and deliver the essence of quality and comfort Equestrian Riders deserve. With our refined list of models, you can trust that complete attention has been granted to each individual selection. We believe there is absolutely no reason to make sacrifices in regards to comfort, quality, or service. Through profound experience and background, for over 150 years Tattini Boots has and will continue to Raise the Bar in Italian English Riding Boots; through our Indefinite Revisions.

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