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Intertwined Style & Comfort

We all remember the story of goldilocks and 3 bears, spending countless hours testing different porridges, chairs, and beds; looking for the one that she exclaimed was “just right”. According to Psychological Review by Buss (D.M) and Schmitt (D. P), humans are naturally prone to adaptation, and therefore making sacrifices when something is not “just right”. Here at Tattini Boots we believe that sacrifice is not necessary, especially in regards to your English Riding Boots. Through a thorough refinement processes, Tattini Boots relieves the need for adaptation toward unwanted style or comfort. A large amount of reliability is placed on our Italian English Riding Boots, through extensive and versatile wear. Recognizing the diverse market of required sacrifices, our Italian Craftsmen attributed high level detail to intertwine the characteristics of Style and Comfort into the perfect presentation: Tattini Boots

If “Style” is Goldilocks’ perspective of “too hot”, and Comfort is Goldilocks’ perspective of “too cold”; how do we find an intertwined balance? In our story at Tattini Boots, we tend to a larger crowd than just a single girl. With this recognition, we place each of our Italian English Riding Boots through an extensive refinement process featuring user testing from equestrian enthusiasts and expert riders across the globe. As we compile feedback in regards to style and comfort, our Italian craftsmen brew the satisfying combination of porridge. We remain focused on the wearer, instilling countless corrections to offer you the Riding Boot without impurities commonly found in other options. Little by little equilibrium is neared and a remarkable Italian Riding Boot is constructed; truly setting an unfelt, New Standard in English Riding Boots. 

Since 1860, our ancestors at Tattini Boots have maintained a truly authentic presentation, now integrated with the modern expectations of current day Equestrian Enthusiasts. The outward presentation of Tattini Boots is taken to the next level through: pure grained calfskin leather, Interchangeable Strap options, seamless stitching, and a variety of other attributes. Comfort expectations are surpassed through: pierced insoles, our Patented Air Boost Technology, attentive construction, and through other details that lay beneath the surface. Together, supreme attention into outward presentation and overall comfort has allowed for the remarkable presentation that Tattini Boots is bringing to retailers all throughout the United States. 

Goldilocks is often a story referenced without the desire to end up as the main character, in fact the story ends with her never being seen again. One concept we can take from this story is that Goldilocks did not give up until she found the porridge/chair/bed that was “just right”. Here at Tattini Boots we live by a similar motto, encouraging riders and equestrian enthusiasts across the country to not make sacrifices in regards to style or comfort. More exaggerated outward presentation can not make up for a lack of comfort, and cloud-like comfort can not make up for an unappealing style. Allow Tattini Boots to tend to your preference, relieving you from a period of adaptation when purchasing your Italian English Riding Boots. Rather than outweighing the bad with the good, consider a brand devoting to setting a New Standard through Intertwined Style & Comfort

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