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Jumping into 2021

As the final days of December are nearing completion, new ventures in 2021 await us. Some of our population is adamant toward establishing New Years resolutions, while others pity the concept. Despite where you stand, the new year is right around the corner; and it’s your choice what to do with it. Here at Tattini Boots, we are eager to evolve our provision of Premium Italian English Riding Boots month-to-month throughout 2021. As we mark entry into New Retail locations, venturing into our Standard Shaping Italian Riding Boots becomes easier each day. With a dedicated focus on top-notch quality and comfort, Tattini Boots are the direction for 2021. We look forward to Jumping into 2021 with full force, providing Equestrian Enthusiasts the English Riding Boot they have been searching for.

2020 can easily be remember for the detriment imposed to each of our daily lives. However, it is important to evaluate areas of success that each of us would like to carry into the New Year. Our team at Tattini Boots plans to offer the same level of 24/7 United States based Customer Service to consumers and retailers year round. In central Illinois, our warehouse will still provide fully stocked runs of our Premium Italian English Riding Boots. You can expect each Italian English Riding Boot in themselves to still offer: Patented Technologies, Premium Quality, and Remarkable Comfort. We look forward to continuous the successful provision that began in 2020, while evolving other areas to take 2021 by storm.

Whether we associate it as a “resolution” or not, everyone has an idea of something they want to transform while transitioning into 2021. Thankfully, our Italian Craftsmen in Spoleto, Italy have a resolution list that reaches Illinois; and we can peak at their details. In 2021, each of our Italian English Riding Boots will be transitioning to a “Close Contact” collection; marking Tattini Boots as the first Italian Riding Boot in this world to use this technology: CloseTEX (Close Contact Textile), which guarantees a direct contact with the horse, increasing the riders’ performance. As for our Illinois Warehouse, we are expanding our size runs for each model, offering calf sizes from XXS to XXL in most riding boots; we challenge you to challenge us on a size!

Although a brutal 2020 is reaching an end, that doesn’t mean that everything must be left behind. At Tattini Boots, we encourage everyone to evaluate the previous year, and carry over the positive attributes. Personally, we are eager to continue our Italian Riding Boot provision through our United States Warehouse and U.S based customer service. 2021 is right around the corner, and most of us already have an idea of new ventures to dedicate our well-being into. Our Italian Craftsmen in Spoleto, Italy are doing the same: evolving Tattini Boots into the first riding boot in the world to offer CloseTEX technology. Evolutions here in Illinois are also taking place; as offered calf sizes will now range from XXS to XXL in our Illinois Warehouse: we challenge you to challenge us on a size! Whether you are more focused on leaving behind the bad or evolving for the better; the new year is inevitable and we are wishing you the best! Our Team at Tattini Boots looks forward to shaping the Equestrian Industry for another 365 days as we all find ourselves Jumping into 2021.

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