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Lending a Helping Hand

Tattini Boots is lending a helping hand to those in need during this uncontrolled and progressive epidemic. As a company founded upon family tradition, we understand the fragile moments and implications that are being placed on our day to day lives. Moving forward with our own profound improvements, we also want to emphasize our diligence as a company you can both trust and rely on even through the struggle. We strive to ease the mentality of all retailers and riders affiliated with Tattini Boots, as well as the rest of the public involved with the equestrian industry. Our warehouse of Premium Italian English Riding Boots is still operative with orders conducted on a day to day basis. With more time than ever to conclude upon your next possible direction in evaluation of a quality company, our outreach has owners on standby for your every need. We hope that the adaptations now in place at Tattini Boots will please the desire of retailers, buyers, and all others who are interested.

Through collaborative decisions with our Italian counterpart and corporate level staff within the United States, we are now offering the following to retailers across the country:

  • No Cancellation Fees on orders that can or may not be completed in regards to the current situation
  • No Restocking Fees on cancelled orders with same regard
  • Free Drop Shipping for orders that are conducted during this time

Our mutual efforts with retailers, as a business with a new introduction to the United States, remains progressive to assist in every direction through the struggle. As an Italian English Riding Boot organization, we are limited in the possible directions of outreach; and hope that these conclusions help in the most reasonable manner. Your success is placed as high as our own. Rather than manipulating the current time for higher cashflow and/or completely disregarding the situation at hand; these renditions will be held at heart until a thorough resolution is found. You can expect to remain updated by Tattini Boots on all social media platforms and through our weekly write ups. We hope that you tune in for more decisions made by our team as we all continue to seek options for facilitating your collaboration with Tattini Boots.

For our non-retailers, potentially interested retailers, and our highly appreciated wearers/riders of Tattini Boots; we are also on standby through every step of the process. If financial burdens are placed upon you, we do not want this to be a distraction from future affiliation with Tattini Boots. With owners on standby during this time, we would love for you to take advantage of speaking with us and coordinating your future approach. As a company that cares about your fairness and overall satisfaction within the industry, we strive to refrain from the possibility of anyone missing the opportunity of investing their career into the advancement Tattini Boots can allow.

Together, lending a helping hand to those in need, we can allow focus to be placed in the areas that matter as each of us strive for greater resolution. Our Italian English Riding Boot warehouse is undergoing immense protocols to remain in operation and fulfill orders/needs during this time. We hope to not only obtain your trust and reliance as business continues to inch forward, but to fulfill the gaps we may hold control over in your everyday life. Consider this our overall commitment to you. Our entire team at Tattini Boots looks forward to demonstrating what a true and honest Boot Company should feel like, and hope that you choose a company that continues to raise the standards within this pre-established environment.

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