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Let’s Make it Personal

“Let’s Make it Personal”, is usually looked at as a non-preferred phrase; in regards to a personal reference diving deeper into the character of a person. Here at Tattini Boots, we like to change the outlook on this perspective, taking the commentary into a new direction. Our team of Tattini Ancestors strive to keep every characteristic of our relation on a personal level, in ways that offer a feeling of comfort through every purchase or partnership. We recognize the sincerity of your investment in quality Italian Riding Boots, and want you to feel as if you are welcomed to the Tattini Family upon your investment. From Spoleto, Italy to the United States; Tattini Boots operates on a personal level through the provision of our Italian English Riding Boots, offering intuitive discussion and an absolutely unforgettable experience from purchase to lifelong wear.

Often, when investing in a quality brand, these processes are conducted between you and the retailer; if not done alone! Since the beginning, our family at Tattini Boots envisioned a different approach in order to grant you the attention needed; relieving doubt and anxiety within the quality and refinement of your Italian English Riding Boot purchase. Our motives are centralized around Customer Satisfaction, ensuring that your each and every question is answered intuitively, and that the perfect size is discovered to offer you the long-term durability and comfort you desire. This is why we have a Riding Boot Sizing Specialist on standby through all hours of the day, coordinating the perfect Italian English Riding Boot dimensions in accordance with rider preference all across the country. We take the time to educate each of our retailers on a similar level so that you receive this devoted attention despite your purchase location.

In addition to this level of personalization from Tattini to Rider, we place the power back in your hands through personalized characteristics that are entirely up to you! After allocating the sizing of your near custom fit Italian Riding Boots with a Tattini Representative or Retailer, there is more personalized customization available for you even after you leave the store! Our Retriever and Terranova models have integrated Interchangeable Straps offering you a wide variety of looks to match the occasion. Try colored laces on our Pitbull Sneakers to relate your look to the Fall or your current style! Here at Tattini I guess you could say that we have instilled personalization into a personal approach, simply emphasizing our true intention lays within your satisfied outlook.

With this in mind, “making it personal” may not be as bad as we thought, especially in regards toward a seamless and worry-free Italian Riding Boot purchase experience. Our family at Tattini Boots encourages you to uphold your expectations, working with brands and retailers that give you the time of day you deserve. Our retailers across the country are educated to suit your every need, along with our 24/7 Sizing Specialist available through the Live Chat on our website. After your purchase, take personalization back into your own hands with the interchangeable straps on our Terranova/Retriever Riding Boot models or through the laces on our Pitbull Sneakers. Allow us to match your preferences while you match your look in accordance with current desire. At Tattini Boots, we are here to set a New Standard from customer service down to the comfort and durability on your feet. Truth is, sometimes it is better to hear the words “Let’s Make it Personal”

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