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Limitless Luxury

Tattini Boots are here in the United States to challenge standards of current English Riding Boot Brands. Our Italian Riding Boots offer patented features and competitive qualities, at the most reasonable price in the market. The inclusion of premium craftsmanship and features developed solely by Tattini Boots allows us to provide Equestrian Markets across the United States with the Italian English Riding Boot they have been waiting for. In conclusion, the vast number of industry altering characteristics within our Italian Footwear has granted us the recognition of: Limitless Luxury. Luxury can be defined as a singular attribute, or a progressive label for an entire entity. At Tattini Boots we withhold the label “Luxury Only”, offering riders and stores across the country a new standard of English Riding Boots.

Challenge 1: Luxury is Expensive
Luxurious clothing, apparel, or even just the lifestyle, often imposes its own cost; hence its alternative title of lavish living. In the relative market of English Riding Boots, luxury boots are often labeled with four digit values. Tattini Boots is surprising interested buyers across the country with the most competitive price range of $449-$639 for the finest Italian Luxury. With such a value, one can only question the overall luxury; and more likely with doubt that optimism. Our team at Tattini emphasizes the value of historic ancestry and families ties. Our Italian Riding Boots in the United States begin with Tattini craftsmanship in Spoleto Italy, and ends with Tattini distribution in Illinois. Without factory investment, un-“relative” employees, and outsourced material, Tattini Boots can offer a new form of luxury at a new form of value.

Challenge 2: Luxury is Predefined
Most companies offering a brand of Luxury set the baseline of what luxury truly is, offering clothing and footwear predefined by stylists. Our Italian English Riding Footwear does include characteristics predefined by Italian Craftsman, but also provides the capability for user customization in accordance with their own personal preference. Both our Retriever and Terranova models offer Interchangeable Straps allowing you to shape Luxury in your own hands, to your own preference.

Challenge 3: Luxury is Limited
Tattini Boots lifts the limit on Luxury and instills its virtues in every aspect of every riding boot, with progressive research. Upon development of a quality and luxurious Italian English Riding Boot, our team of craftsmen do not stop there. With an open mind for progression, Tattini Boots is continuously researching and gathering feedback in regards to fulfilling every desire of the Equestrian World.

With this new standard set by Tattini Boots, our 4th challenge is for you to transition to Limitless Luxury. Take customization into your own hands, and challenge the low industry standards set by factory constructed footwear that has imposed infraction upon the United States Equestrian Industry. Match your expectations in a Riding Boot that fulfills your desire of: comfort, quality, and luxury. The revolution sought after by the English Riding Boot community has arrived, and Tattini Boots is eager to offer the quality and service each individual deserves.

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