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Original; Not Ordinary

Regardless of industry, competition and production eventually conclude an aspect of “original”. English riding boots across the country are predefined with sought after characteristics with a very general construct. Each industry awaits evolution, never before seen elements, and proposed fixes to reoccurring issues. Our entire team at Tattini Boots is dedicated to an English riding boot reform, offering a premium Italian footwear line that sets new standards beyond just the quality of the boot. From patented comfort technology to a United States warehouse, the experience you deserve is at your disclosure. With an authentic history from 1860, our hand crafted Italian riding boots feature an original experience, while combating all ordinary expectations. 

“The comfort of my English riding boots is barely durable for the length of my show”, “My boot zipper broke within the first few weeks of wear”, “Response time for this company is very slow”. These concerns may be remarks you have heard or said yourself. Migrating from company to company, your fingers may have been crossed to encounter a more positive experience only to develop more statements of your own. With specific feedback, why have these issues remained prevalent in the English riding boot industry? Having Italian craftsman on hand, and direct consideration for our clients satisfaction, Tattini Boots challenges these remarks with exclusive solutions. A patented air boost technology system provides a comfort allowing all day wear, outside of the show presentation. Premium Italian leather and non factory develop ensure durability in all aspects. A United States warehouse constructed in 2019 now allows an English riding boot prominent in Europe to be offered in America with almost immediate customer service. 

Tradition withholds originality, and without authenticity; risk and doubt are sparked emotions. Founded in 1860, Tattini Boots has committed to customer retention and consistent development. With an alternative approach to mass factory production, each pair of Tattini Italian Riding Boots withholds precision, detail, and refined quality. When questioning whether or not trust can be placed in a brand, the roots of exposure truly reveal their reliability and honesty. Ancestry relation has established a security that can now be offered to clientele and retailers within the United States as well. From Spoleto Italy, to the U.S; trust, validation, and assurance is granted through our English riding boots and customer support. 

Break the cycle of repetitive disappointment or consistency in the English riding boot industry. Experience a boot that includes features not present in any other English riding footwear. Our owners are available to work with you hand in hand to ensure your satisfaction is remarkable in comparison. The quality of our Italian riding boots supports our claims, and will only compliment the customer care you receive from our team. With a new introduction to the United States, Tattini Boots is undergoing expansion from retailer to retailer. Witness the remarkable features only Tattini Boots has to offer, and treat yourself to quality and service you deserve. As we challenge the aspects of the riding boot industry, challenge your own choice for your next pair of Italian riding boots. 

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