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Positive Perspective

When faced with trials and tribulations, specifically in regards to COVID-19, it is important to recognize that our outcome depends upon our perspective. Whether or not we rise greater than the struggles presented or crumble in defeat, is based solely upon our perspective of the situation. Rafael Pino, describes this concept well: “Perspective is the way we see things when we look at them from a certain distance. It allows us to appreciate their true value”. If situations are viewed with a short term glimpse of “how conflicted my life is”, we may be left to defeat ourselves within the comparison. However, if we view each situation with the long term viewpoint of “look how constructed my life can now become”, we may just find ourselves in a state greater than before.

Although our Equestrian Career, Retail Stores, and day to day life investment in training may be compromised to some extent; how often are we granted the opportunity to brainstorm upon progressive routes? Action is not always the solution, in fact preparatory thoughts usually lead to a better outcome. Through this standstill we can begin to consider new directions that we will take our equestrian career; evaluating past decisions and motives, while gradually shaping the way for future progression.

Here at Tattini Boots, our team of manufacturers and executives conduct a similar process day to day in the offering of our Premium Italian English Riding Boots. Evaluating industry concern and lacking qualities, we are pleased to offer a United States based Italian brand that upholds its behavior of resolving common dislikes. We take criticism as an opportunity for development, and treat each opinion with upmost regard. Our goal is to provide as perfect of an English Riding Boot as we can for your riding passion, and investing continual evolution with a positive perspective allows us to do so. Taking to heart the industry concerns of lack of quality, unreachable customer service, and compromised durability; our team of craftsmen have implemented characteristics to conquer these un-preferred attributes. Continuously we look forward to demonstrating the positive perspective behind Tattini Boots, granting you the same demeanor when considering our premium Italian English Riding Boots. With a United States Based Warehouse and Customer Service, we remain on direct standby even through the most difficult struggles.

As each of us evaluate our future motives, our team welcomes you to a new experience with Tattini Boots; as we set a New Standard in English Riding Boots. Such an unplanned circumstance may have instilled alternative approaches to our day to day life, although we believe that this is more than just a catastrophe; but an opportunity. Our team wishes you the best along your progressive journey, and the future stepping stones to your equestrian career or retail store. Remember that Tattini Boots is by your side through this progression, as each of us strive to evolve who we are into something greater than before. We believe that your English Riding Boot manufacturer should be just as invested in your success as yourself. There should be no sacrifices made in regards to quality, comfort, or durability; and our team is eager to provide an Italian English Riding Boot that can continuously be looked at with a Positive Perspective

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