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Reliability Amongst The Blizzard

As individuals, we are often taught to reduce the amount of dependency placed on the outside world; therefore establishing the ability to thrive independently. However, what most of us look over is the dependency that will always be allocated to avenues of service that are expected. For example, you might assume that you are the most independent person in the world, but subliminally fail to recognize your dependency on grocery stores to provide you with the supples you need to sustain life. COVID-19 has placed us face to face with our dependencies as these expectations start to become more difficult to achieve. Here at Tattini Boots, we strive to not only match your English Riding Boot dependencies, but also provide quality and comfort that one would not even expect. Our Italian English Riding Boots are setting an unforeseen standard all across the world, providing you Reliability Amongst the Blizzard.

For the first time (in our generation), we are faced with a pandemic filled winter; as we lock ourselves down with more restrictions than before. We might begin spending more time training our horses or breaking in our new pair of English Riding Boots. What happens if something goes wrong with them: Broken Zipper, Ripped Leather, Leaking Sole, etc. Riding Boot Repair Shops all across the country are even more difficult to find, leaving you with the choice to either suffer or break your budget purchasing a new pair (and then struggling through shipping delay). Even before COVID, our craftsmen at Tattini Boots were devoted to supreme quality standards in each pair of our Italian English Riding Boots. Allowing you to ride in confidence, even if you were the last person on Earth!

Our team at Tattini Boots does acknowledge the depth of this virus and wishes everyone the safety and sanitary standards they deserve. With that being said, our operations are proceeding as normal. Our fully stocked Tall Boot and Paddock Boot warehouse (with narrow, regular, and wide calf sizes), is still undergoing operation; servicing retailers across the country. Our boats are still transporting fresh Italian English Riding Boots from our manufacturer in Spoleto, Italy. And our representatives are still conducting thorough outreach to formulate 2021 game plans to ride the strong wave that awaits our retail sector. Shipment Time Delays, Customer Service Holds, and Lack of English Riding Boot Inventory are all problems that do not exist at Tattini Boots

Humans are often taught to find a strong sense of independence, however there will always be avenues of inevitable expectations. Here at Tattini Boots, we strive to not only surpass your expectations in the avenues you desire, but also in areas you wouldn’t even think of. With a new standard in Comfort & Durability (and Patented Comfort Technologies), searching for a repair shop is no longer a necessity. You can ride in peace with Tattini Boots even if you were the last person on Earth. Our fully stocked Tall Boot and Paddock Boot warehouse (with narrow, regular, and wide calf sizes), is still undergoing normal operation providing next day delivery to retailers across the country. We look forward to Tattini Boots arriving in a location near you in 2021, as we continue to formulate game-plans with new upcoming retail locations. Tattini Boots are devoted to not just providing Reliability when things are going perfect, but also providing Reliability Amongst the Blizzard.

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