An English Riding Boot that Represents you Back
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Tattini Boots: A Boot that Represents you Back

Tournament season is as stressful as it is exciting, and for some riders these events are booked year round! After months or years of avid training and preparation, everything is brought together for evaluation. Although eager to observe performance and instill your best efforts, nerves and anxiety may also be setting in. Choosing brands of quality is one way to ensure at least a few aspects of your outfit and performance are solidified; but what about a brand that actually builds up your confidence at the same time? Here at Tattini Boots we not only strive to offer a boot of maximum quality, but to conform each of our riders with the essence of confidence and strength. Our brand is currently expanding throughout the United States and we want you on board with these group of riders.

Tattini Boots provides conditional support with each purchase, as we look for a long term relationship with each of our wearers. Differing from other brands who send boots and fade off the radar, our team looks forward to following you on Social Media and witnessing just how our boots work for you. Both confidence in our brand and dedication to our clientele generates a strong desire to keep up with each riders progress who wear Tattini Boots. Keeping in touch with our riders is just one of the unique ways we have structured our brand, as we provide much more than just footwear. Ride with footwear that makes you feel powerful with each step, knowing that Tattini Boots is proud to represent you as a rider.

The bar is altered in equestrian footwear as you consider a brand that represents you back! Tattini Boots offer a reliable experience during out of season and in season performance. Consider this aspect of your presentation taken care of, but also experience the aura of riding with a boot brand that withholds a strong community of progressing riders. From olympians to upcoming college level show jumping, each owner of Tattini Boots understands the feeling of pushing through the ranking and continuously progressing. This is why we strive to formulate a community within our brand to derive deeper motivation, and provide the encouragement needed to keep moving forward. Despite the competition, we are all in the world of Equestrian Riding together; so let’s win with kindness.

We wish all riders the best of luck in their upcoming tournament seasons. Those who are currently in off season preparation, we also provide our motivation to not give up and to stay determined. The end of the year is approaching, and temperatures are beginning to fluctuate. This is a good opportunity to keep training, but also reflect upon the changes you’d like to make in the next year. Whether that be new tournaments, different riding approaches, or new footwear; now is the perfect time to plan ahead. Our 24/7 United States support is available for any comments/questions in the meantime. We look forward to your future progression, and hope that one day you “Ride Tattini”.

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