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Tattini Boots: Ask One Who Owns One

Here at Tattini Boots we recognize the depth that goes into finding the perfect riding boots, and the satisfaction that you expect. A business can only make so many claims withholding the value of their product, but why not “ask one who owns one”. We are dedicated to customer feedback, and invest our intentions to offering the best experience through every step of your purchase; along with your every day wear. A boot that features a lifespan of longevity and comfortability is easily obtainable with Tattini Boots, and our customers consistently prove these claims through their continual feedback.

As a business devoted to offering quality Italian riding boots at a rational price margin, we have taken the time to collect customer feedback to provide assurance to those in the market for their next pair of riding boots. Our patented Air Boost Technology and Premium Italian Leather are enough to achieve interest, but allow words from those who own Tattini Boots to confirm your next decision. We take pride in changing the way you ride and your perspective on equestrian footwear. From sponsors. ambassadors, and day to day customers Tattini Boots is currently evolving the Italian Dressage Boot industry standards to the next level. Dive into some of the remarks offered by current owners of our footwear; as you “ask one who owns one”.

“I am beyond proud to have this opportunity to be sponsored by this amazing company with amazing dressage footwear. I will wear Tattini Boots for the remainder of my career. Thank you for your sponsorship!”
– Dominique C (Sponsored Rider)

“How did I not notice the beautiful black piping at the top of the Brown Breton Model. I am so in love, they fit absolutely perfect.”
– Raina K (Ambassador)

“Thank you so much! The boots are absolutely great. I can not wait to show them off at my upcoming shows. We haul in tomorrow! Thank you so much again.”
– Josie G (Ambassador)

“Absolutely love these boots. Fit like custom. Fabulous quality. Leather is soft and comfortable.”
– Christine B (Customer)

“Tattini Equestrian doesn’t just sell quality Italian Equestrian Footwear, but they are an organization bounded by personalization and creativity; and it is evident they care most about the viewpoint of their customers. Not only have I spent countless hours working with Tattini, I have taken the time to examine the detailed aspects of each boot style, and might I add I am astounded beyond belief.”
– Federico P. (Retailer)

We thoroughly appreciate the time taken by each of these owners of Tattini Boots. This is just a small collection of the testimonials we have received, and the rest can be found on our website or by following @TattiniBoots on Instagram. Each customer of ours is valued as family, and we look forward to continuously broaden our outreach and provide never before achieved satisfaction to the equestrian industry. Browse our Store today to view our current products setting the bar in the dressage boot category. We look forward to changing the way you feel and ride. When considering your next brand of choice remember to “ask one who owns one”.


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