Tattini Boots Set the Bar in Equestrian Footwear
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Tattini Boots Set the Bar in Equestrian Footwear

Matching an Equestrian Presentation with Riding Boots that uphold to qualified standards is a search conducted on a day to day basis. Whether your preference is overall style, internal/external durability, or everyday comfort; the difficulty in discovering the boot you can trust is prevalent. Here at Tattini Boots we have exhibited both research, knowledge, and over a hundred years customer feedback discoveries into formulating the perfect boot of choice for your Equestrian Relevance. Our Italian craftsmanship is conducted with superb attention to detail, keeping flaws irrelevant and durability at its highest standard. With 9 Key Aspects that make Tattini Boots unique, we assure you that your choice will not be a regret; but a once in a lifetime experience.

Incomparable quality is enough alone to ensure a desirable boot, however customer service and direct attention is what profounds the entire experience. Italian crafted leather is hard to discover in the United States already, an actual business entity with inventory in the United States as well is almost non-existent. However, Tattini Boots has raised the bar with offering American Customer Service, and established their inventory locally in the central U.S. This emphasizes our motive for customer service, as we can work on both the same time zone and relevance in offering you the most qualified boot in the market. Consumer or Retailer, we offer near immediate shipping and response time on all order. The worry of working with a distant company is out of the question. On each order, you will be placed in contact with an official Tattini Boots owner. Here at Tattini Boots we strive to relieve the hesitation of purchasing from a highly desired Italian Boot line. Read more about our company located in Italia on our About Tattini page, and see for yourself just how astonishing it is to have such a brand locally here in the United States at convenience to both retailers and consumers.

With continual customer/retail feedback, we are witnessing Tattini Boots begin to trend through the United States market. It is our intention to spread awareness of our newly established footwear line and set the bar at exceptional standards. The time is here to change the way of the Equestrian Footwear market, and hundreds are already jumping on board. As our ambassadors showcase Tattini footwear in their upcoming shows, and retailers show continual interest, you can expect to see Tattini sometime soon in your area!

“We are here for you, featuring premium, Italian crafted, english riding boots, with centrally located United States customer service”

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