The Complete Breakdown of Tattini Boots - Micro-pierce, Calfskin Leather: English Riding Boots
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The Complete Breakdown

Tattini Boots feature a complexity not found in any other English Riding Footwear. For over a century, Italian craftsman have attributed precision, detail, and innovative features to bring Tattini Boots to such a competitive level. Operating as an honest and committed team under the equestrian family, we withhold unbeatable prices for each of our buyers. Despite the vast number of details implemented into each pair of Tattini’s English Riding Boots, we have simplified the outward presentation. In summary, we offer Premium Riding Boots at an unbeatable price; featuring competitive durability and never before seen characteristics. Our Italian Craftsmen are dedicated to your satisfaction, and refine each pair of English Riding Boots to match your expectations. Keep reading for a further break down of some of the more complex features offered in each pair of Tattini Boots.

Micro-Pierced Leather
Terranova and Retriever are two high end models that feature a pierced inner leather. Upon close examination, micro pierced holes are actually visible within the tan inner leather layer. This feature is one of many that our Italian Crafstman have given attention to in an effort for the best possible experience. With micro-pierced leather, breathability of the foot is enlightened; relieving internal sweat and moisture. With this provision temperature control is also generated, ensuring the entire foot and lower leg do not over-heat. Excessive moisture is not only uncomfortable, but can also damage the leather of time. This breathability is a feature that will set a new expectation each time you put on a pair of English Riding Boots.

Premium Calfskin Leather
Almost all english riding boots in the equestrian industry feature a form of leather, however not all are comparable. The leather is essentially the heart of your riding boot, determining: outward appearance, overall comfort, precise fit, lifespan (wear and tear), and so much more. Recognizing which style of leather is used within your current day to day footwear might reveal why exactly your current complaints are prevalent. At Tattini Boots we use only the finest calfskin leather, vs the common claim of “cow leather” or “lambskin”. Generally, calfskin is the best rule of thumb for shoes, handbags, wallets, and relative accessories due to its toughness and ability to retain shape.

Layered Insole
A typical blindspot of any footwear is its insole, or rather the inner layer making permanent contact with the bottom of your foot. Although this provides no outward presentation (the main motive for english riding boots), Tattini Boots has not cut any corners. Our insole features a layered breakdown ensuring maximum comfort, cooling technology, and a grip like never before.

Beyond the features listed above, Tattini Boots also offers: YKK Zippers, Interchangeable Straps, a Patented Air Boost Ventilation System, and so much more! Each of these characteristics and our United States patent can be found in detail by browsing our website. We are pleased to offer a Riding Boot intended to shape the perception of English Riding Boots all together. For once, no corners have been cut; and a competitive brand is now available at a competitive price.

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