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United States Inventory & Warehouse

You’ve just purchased a new pair of equestrian riding boots online, and the anticipation is slowly starting to increase. Now the waiting game begins, as you anxiously await the arrival of your new product. Although this is an exciting gap in time, have you considered all aspects of shipping from start to finish? Let’s consider the initial wait, which can reach up to 3 months for some online retailers; especially if custom made. What if you are in need an alternative accessory after purchase and need to conduct another order in a timely fashion before an event? Have you considered the instance in which your new pair of boots do not fit exactly as intended, or if an unforeseen issue is noticed. Here at Tattini Boots, we not only have retailers across the country, but a warehouse located centrally in the United States for all of your shipping preferences.

We highly recommend only buying from direct retailers or distributors to save on overseas shipping. Even then, we are not guaranteed that those products were manufactured in locations of quality production and materials. With that being said we want to provide the guarantee that our Italian English Riding Boots feature the most refined quality, and are crafted in directly in Italy with the finest materials. After production, these english riding boots are shipped to our Tattini Boots warehouse, allowing us to offer premium quality boots in the most efficient time frame. United States expedited shipping options guarantee that the time gap from purchase to receipt is as minimal as possible.

Customer services is relayed directly into shipping and business/warehouse location. When you order from Tattini Boots, we put you in touch with the owners; who work diligently to provide the best experience possible. Each package is sealed by Tattini Boots management, and then shipped conveniently to your location. There is no reason to settle for delayed customer service and shipping times, and our team is here to set these new expectations. Allow us to work with you from purchase to delivery, and withhold a long term relationship as you join the Tattini family.

Tattini Boots is a company profound and dedicated enough to start an expansion branch in the United States. We now offer direct owner to consumer/retailer support on the same time zone. Our response time is unlike any other business in the equestrian industry, and we strive for an overall experience like never before. Trust Tattini Boots with your time, and we will give you most of it back! Ordering Equestrian Riding Boots should be a fluent experience. Choosing Tattini allows you to: rest in the ease that a near-custom fit product is tailored to you, packaged and shipped directly from the owners, withholding expedited shipping times from a United States Warehouse, and offering almost immediate customer support at all times.

We look forward to providing you a new experience in the Equestrian Footwear Industry.
– Tattini Boots

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