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Virtually Everything Equestrian

With the global change imposed by COVID-19, the online atmosphere has been expanded to keep collaboration prominent; even in the equestrian industry! Virtually everything has evolved to a digital appearance, and our team at Tattini Boots is eager to continue our provision through all possible means. In this regard, June Evers at Horse Hollow Press has established her own means for reform; a FB group titled Virtually Everything Equestrian. With her diligence within the Equestrian Community, and the centralized motive of utilizing the online world; Tattini Boots will be taking part in this profound campaign. Striving for engagement, we plan to offer much more than just exclusive marketing material behind our Premium Standard Italian English Riding Boots. We encourage you to follow us on June 23rd within this Facebook group for more reasons than one. Keep reading for a few sneak peaks at what we have to offer!

Starting at 1:00pm on June 23rd, Tattini Boots is taking over! For the next 24 hours we will be offering scavenger hunts, scratch offs, routine giveaways, and exclusive products behind our Italian English Riding Boot company. While we continue to offer a New Standard behind our Riding Boots, we plan to set a new tone for the online experience as well! This is the perfect way to broaden your knowledge of Tattini Boots, while landing your hands on revolutionary promotional items; and even some of our Italian English Riding Boots. Although we do not want to give too much away, we do wish to tempt you to follow along; as your engagement will be worthwhile not only to yourself, but to the entire equestrian industry as a whole.

Our Italian English Riding Boots continue to progress from coast to coast, beginning with our entry into the United States just over a year ago. Despite this initial U.S presence, Tattini has remained prominent in Italy as a leading Dressage and Field boot brand, representing some of the most avid riders in the industry. With a 2019 establishment of our central United States warehouse in Illinois, we can now offer our Premium Italian English Riding Boot line faster and more convenient than ever. Our motive dives deeper than just the quality and comfort we provide, understanding that the overall experience is what is truly desired. If you are looking to carry an Italian English Riding Boot brand with exponential feedback and around-the-clock instant customer service; Team Tattini may just be the next step in your endeavors.

As each of us continue to progress and conclude the current day to day struggle imposed by COVID-19, we look forward to collaboration through all possible manners. Over the next couple of days we will be expanding upon the material to be provided at this online conference, and can not encourage you enough to partake! We understand that doubt and hesitation lies above the surface when considering a new Italian English Riding Boot brand. As retailers across the country continue to commit to this decision, we hope to bring Tattini Boots closer to your store to display exactly why Tattini Boots is taking over! Tune in with us on June 23rd at Virtually Everything Equestrian, broaden your knowledge of how Tattini Boots is setting a New Standard, take advantage of our 24 hours specials, and prepare your minds for the challenges and raffle drawings to land you some Tattini gear!

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