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What Does Comfort Truly Mean

Peaceful Music, a soft mattress, or a relaxing spa; we all have experienced what true comfort feels like. Acknowledging this predetermined expectation, why sacrifice comfort in other areas of our individual lives. Avid Equestrian Riders across the country spend countless hours dedicated to training and practice in a single pair of Riding Boots. This sparked discussion at Tattini Boots headquarters and we though, “What does comfort truly mean, and how can we ensure it is achieved”. In each pair of our Italian English Riding Boots we have instilled practices to ensure day to day comfort; surpassing previous expectations and matching the desire of overall comfort.

What does comfort mean to you?
We compiled feedback from English Riding Boot wearers across the county, who long for the moment in which they can remove their boots at the end of the day. Imagine an Italian Riding Boot that relieves the dread of all day wear, and rather proposes excitement to slide your foot into each boot. Tattini Boots are an Elegant Footwear that give back to the wearer with each step. Our goal was to not only develop a footwear that removes the thoughts of lack of comfort, but to actually arise the thought of comfort as you proceed with your day to day lives. Our skilled Italian Craftsmen are devoted to your overall satisfaction, and continuously raise the established standard set by other brands in the industry.

How is comfort instilled in Tattini Boots?
As a fair and honest company, our cost is placed in directions that matter most; rather than typical mass production measures. Instead of cutting corners to maximize profit or establish a high price as a preferred brand; we invest in the direction of comfort, quality, and durability. Our team believes that when purchasing a high end pair of Italian Riding Boots, you should receive high end qualities without the need to compromise on un-preferred characteristics. With an established United States Patent exclusively for your comfort (Air Boost Technology), we again raise the bar in English Riding Boots. Detailed Italian Craftsmen recognize that your experience is vital, and continuously revise our footwear day to day in an effort to stay on top of revolutionary trends. Each boot is crafted in the eyes of our wearer, refraining from factory mass production to capitalize on buyers willing to accept lack of comfort.

Statistically, each of us spend a near half of our lives with our feet in a pair of shoes or Riding Boots. Lack of comfort is not only a nuisance, but can propose predestine foot and spine issues; which is detrimental to competing riders across the country. Why sacrifice quality and comfort standards when wearing a pair of English Riding Boots? After feeling comfort in one area of our lives, it should be desired in all other areas as well. Tattini Boots is anxious to provide you with the comfort you deserve when investing in Luxury Footwear, and look forward to shaping your perspective of English Riding Boots here in the United States.

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