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Where Boots Meet Your Riding Passion

“Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby, to be picked up and laid down like a game of solitaire. It is a grand passion (Ralph Waldo Emerson).” With recognition of rider passion, our team at Tattini Boots has instilled passion of our own into the development of each english riding boot we have to offer. Since 1860, reputable craftsman have been diligent into every detail of Tattini Boots construction. From an internal feel of comfort, to an outward presence of elegance; we are pleased to offer premium footwear to riders with overt passion. Choose a footwear offered by a team as passionate as yourself, and join our Tattini family of satisfied riders.

As a family originated company, Tattini Boots has evolved from rider feedback, recommendations, and preferences. We not only follow accordance with current english riding boot trends, but also set some of our own through research and personal development. Rather than cutting costs through offshore construction of our Italian Riding Boots, each leather boot is crafted directly in Spoleto, Italy. With a personal approach, you can expect the comfort and durability you desire; with exclusive customer service. Our family at Tattini Boots strives to shape the way of the Equestrian Riding Boot industry, providing the characteristics in a company desired by passionate riders around the world. You not only deserve a boot of comfort and elegance, but also service as dedicated as you are to the profound hobby of riding.

Evolving along our vision of formulating a Tattini family of riders, we are pleased to have established a brand new warehouse in the United States as of 2019. Now premium Italian Crafted Footwear and English Riding Boots of your choice are even more accessible than before; with shipping incomparable to other options. Generational family members of Tattini own and operate this U.S warehouse, and are in conjunction with every order placed. With each purchase, you can expect to be in touch with a Tattini associate who will ensure your fit and overall satisfaction.

A hobby of immense effort and standards, demands both a boot and company that upholds the same values. Now is the time to treat yourself to an English Riding Boot that will shape your viewpoint on English Boot companies forever. Whether you are searching for boots for day-to-day wear or show presence only; with Tattini boots you can trust that expectations will be met. As a company who has instilled a relative passion into the characteristics and features offered in our english footwear, history is felt each time you wear Tattini Boots. Over 100 years of development are packed into our current Riding Boot models, and can be browsed at our live Shop. You may have felt comfort, but now is the time to feel the confidence and passion you deserve.

Feel free to reach out to a Tattini store representative at any time with any questions regarding footwear, accessories, or just to discuss your riding goals! We are a family that is here for you every step of the way

Let us pursue our passions together
– Tattini Boots


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