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You Get What You Pay For

Setting a price on a product is a big statement, and can be a consideration requiring a compilation of thoughts by distributors and retailers across the country. A high price should be, but is not always, a companies commitment to your investment; offering closure in all areas of desire fulfillment. This leaves the true question open in the clothing and footwear world: “Are you truly getting what you pay for”. This idea goes beyond just product quality, and dives even further into collaborative customer service as well. Spending a small fortune on a product with no possibility to reach a service member might not be worth the investment; then again maybe you’re only investing for the name brand. Here at Tattini Boots we want to challenge your thought process, along with the cost margins across the Equestrian Footwear map. With dated ancestry in Spoleto, Italy, we have made it possible to offer an Italian English Riding Boot at a cost like never before.

The first question to ask yourself remains, “Is the cost actually worth the product?” Or in other words, will the comfort and durability of this English Riding Boot actually uphold to the price I am putting forth. Nothing is worse than committing to costly English Footwear just to witness zipper failure or endure an uncomfortable experience. The next question to ask yourself is, “How long of an investment will this purchase last me?” In regards to Italian English Riding Boots, you might ponder “How long until I need a new pair of English Riding Boots?” or “Will this purchase just cost me more in the long run, both time and money?” In a world with requirement for elegance, durability, and comfort combined; now is the time to stray away from today’s typicality. Tattini Boots’ Italian English Riding Boots from Spoleto, Italy have riders on hand asking these questions day to day. Our craftsman tailor each Riding Boot to your every desire, allowing you to rest in the best answer for each question when choosing Tattini.

Does higher cost really mean higher quality standards? In some cases, higher cost definitely proves stronger durability and maximum comfort as corners are not cut to save costs. There are a few requirements that should still remain in every English Riding Boot such as calfskin leather. However in each category, even equestrian, there is definitely a finite line where a riding boot does not need to incur more cost. Tattini Boots offer competitive quality with top brands, at a price point a few hundred dollars lower; how is this possible? Thank our ancestors in Spoleto, Italy! Through an efficient shipment process and our overall fairness to the United States market, you can expect quality and comfort like never before all for a price like never before on each of our Italian made English Riding Boots.

Dollar for Dollar, next time you are in the market for English Riding Boots; we challenge you to consider a few of these questions. Evaluate whether or not your brand of choice is operating through fair relations at the price that is set, or simply marked up to exploit their name brand. Higher cost does not always grant higher quality; and our team at Tattini Boots is here to adapt this perspective. When browsing for your next pair of riding boots, we encourage you to try a company devoted to satisfaction and honest business relations vs. a typical name brand resulting in a temporary and futile experience.

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We look forward to showing you how Tattini is Setting a New Standard!

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