Patented Air Boost Technology

Tattini Boots - Patented Air Boost Ventilation System on all Italian English Riding Boots

Patented Air Boost Ventilation System

Tattini Riding Boots features the only ventilation system in equestrian footwear; your feet will be dry and fully protected by an innovative and extremely effective thermo-regulation. This newly patented technology ensures long lasting comfort, for all day wear.

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Layer by Layer, Tattini Boots offer Unimaginable Comfort

Specially crafted in Spoleto Italy, from custom tradition since 1860, Tattini Boots are formulated in direct accordance with Rider Preferences. Rigorous Testing leads to unsurmountable durability, Constant Innovation leads to unfathomable features, and Unites States expansion places this all within arms reach!

Air Boost Ventilzation System