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Tunnel Vision

How many different perspectives are there? Most would assume that this is a countless expression, with viewpoints as vast as there are mentalities. With the ever progressing COVID-19 virus, this wide perspective at scenarios/seasons/choices is becoming more narrowed; as each of us reach a motive centralized around health and safety. Here at Tattini Boots, we encourage riders and equestrian enthusiasts across the country to keep as open of a viewpoint as possible; especially in regards to English Riding Boot acquisition. Recognizing that we live in an influenced world, is one of the first steps to reaching deeper contemplation of our choices vs. facing marketing manipulation. As you continue your venture of wearing/purchasing Italian English Riding Boots, remember to look deep into the characteristics of each model; using Tunnel Vision in a constructive way, with understanding that there is more than one tunnel to travel.

Are there qualities and characteristics that you are still searching for in your English Riding Boots? Have you even made a sacrifice in regards to quality, comfort, or style in regards to upholding a preset standard? As Tattini Boots continues to grow a profound name throughout the United States (despite prevalence in Europe), we strive to emphasize the true reasoning that lays within our Italian English Riding Boots. We ask riders across the country these questions, as our Italian Craftsmen developed thousands of renditions of each Tattini Riding Boot model for trial and error. Through evolution: Premium Quality Leather, Outstanding Durability, and Visible Elegance; are all now qualities that should be expected in your English Riding Boots. The true viewpoint goes deeper than what lays on the surface, and into additional “non-expected” implementations of each English Riding Boot. Through Patented Technologies, Year-to-Year Adaptations, and a United States based Customer Service Team; Tattini Boots is here to expand the visionary in regards to expected English Riding Boot attributes.

Tunnel Vision is often referred to as blind-sighted nature, then again you could perceive this statement as a thorough inspection of what is at the end of the tunnel. With profound confidence in our own Italian English Riding Boots, we are eager for you to dissect current day-to-day brands to observe which expectations they uphold. Manufacturer Location, Leather and Construction Choices, Ongoing Support; how do these attributes compare brand to brand. As a family owned and operated business since 1860 in Spoleto, Italy; our top desire remains offering the Equestrian Industry the English Riding Boots once only found in tunneling dreams. At Tattini Boots, we give you your voice to make a difference in the Italian Riding Boots we offer. Next time you consider a pair of Italian Boots, we look forward to being at the end of the chosen tunnel.

Current daily life with a worldwide virus has taught us what Tunnel Vision truly feels like, as we walk with limited capability and choice. What is ironic, is that this visionary was previously existent in day to day life already; COVID-19 has just truly emphasized what it feels like. In a world of marketing manipulation and brand name desires; our team at Tattini Boots encourages you to be cognizant of other tunnels presented, and thoroughly dissect your options. As Tattini Boots continues to profound our name across the United States we are confident that layer by layer, our Italian English Riding Boots will take you by surprise. Comfort, Durability, Style; are all attributes that do not set a standard; and simply expected. Allow us to introduce you to Patented Technologies and profound U.S -> Italy relations that will make Tattini Boots stagnant at the end of the Tunnel Vision.

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