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Close Contact

“Innovation” – what does this word mean to you? As we indulge ourselves in 2021, the concept of innovation becomes more relevant each day. In authentic industries such as equestrian, many retailers and consumers hold true to original values – as they hold the highest level of quality. For instance, genuinely crafted Italian English Riding Boots are going to withstand much more pressure than those developed in a lab from an offshore island. So how do you mix innovation with an authentic brand – without inhibiting the trueness of its original quality? We are glad you asked. This answer alone is what sets Tattini Boots a part from the competition – as an authentic original company, with standard shaping qualities that have never been seen before.

First, we should emphasize our Italian Craftsmen’s attention to detail. Rest assured that there are no compromises made to sacrifice quality – innovation is only applied in aspects in which worthwhile improvement can be guaranteed. Since 1860, our team has calculated performance levels of all Italian English Riding Boots. In compilation with a global rider feedback, years of trend-setting implementations have been made to fulfill the quality gaps prevalent in the equestrian industry. For instance, comfort (specifically in the insole) was a versatile problem for many years – thus resolved with a Patented Air Boost Technology System. Our customers are now wearing Tattini Boots out to dinner to represent elegance with the newly profound comfort. We then noticed a lack of customization (specific to the consumer), and implemented Interchangeable Straps on our top model to save you the need of owning 20 different pairs of English Riding Boots. So what if there was something greater than both of these combined? There is – CloseTEX Technology

Fear not – the original Premium Calfskin Leather is not going anywhere. Tattini Boots will never set aside true authenticism for some odd futuristic approach. Rather, CloseTEX (Close Contact Textile), is a boot insert placed on the inside of the leg, limiting wear due to abrasion. This technology, designed 100% in Italy, offers a remarkable grip – while also providing a combination of softness and durability that will leave you in absolute awe. Tattini Boots are the first English Riding Boots in the world to offer CloseTEX, guaranteeing direct contact with the horse; and therefor increasing rider performance. The volumes and proportions of the vamp and leg have been recalculated to increase comfort and optimize the fit. This is the game changer, no other English Riding Boot can compare to this new level of performance.

How do you innovate an industry in which true authenticism is better? At Tattini Boots, we have held onto the values of quality, while implementing new features in areas that will not compromise authenticity. Equestrian enthusiasts across the globe have seen the Tattini response to lack of insole comfort with our Patented Air Boost Technology System. They have then witnessed our response to lack of customization with our Interchangeable Straps. In 2021, performance has been taken to the next level as the only English Riding Boots in the world to feature CloseTEX technology – the game has been changed forever.

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