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Complex Sole

As equestrian enthusiasts, each of us strive to keep our Italian English Riding Boots alive for as long as possible. But when their lifespan has concluded; where does their sole (soul) travel? Rather than questioning the afterlife of each pair of Riding Boots, Tattini Boots is focused towards increasing longevity; along with performance throughout their lifespan. What good are quality attributes if they are short term? Long term attributes of lesser quality just conclude that you’ll have to deal with detrimental characteristics for longer. Tattini boots has blended these contestations though a remarkable sole on each pair of Italian Riding Boots, bound to increase riding performance and all day comfort. When taking a deeper look into the internal layers of the Tattini Boots sole (soul); their complexity is truly revealed.

What lays within the internal makeup of your current everyday English Riding Boots? Made up of multiple components, our Italian Craftsman at Tattini Boots have attributed immense detail into the concerns of everyday riders. Through layers of micro-pierced antibacterial material, comfort padding conforming to your feet, and our Patented air Boost Technology; we are proud to unveil what lays within. Tattini had dissected the sole for your pleasure, exclaiming our emphasis into comfort from top to bottom. At Tattini Boots, we believe that no corners should be cut when attempting to Set a New Standard in Italian English Riding Boots. With this in mind, rest assured that attention has been devoted even to the areas of your Italian Riding Boots that might not be seen by the public eye.

According to a scientific study conducted by Sole Science, the insole of your footwear is responsible for: comfort, posture, stress-levels, and back/calf/foot soreness (Sole Science). These are just a few of the effects a good or bad insole can have on your body through long term wear. At Tattini Boots, we focus on your long term satisfaction; tying elegance, comfort, and performance all together. It is our upmost motive to assist you along your equestrian journey. Providing you reliable and comfortable footwear is just one way that we are able to do so. Don’t let your English Riding Boot comfort hold you back from the goals you wish to achieve, there is absolutely no need to make sacrifices in your level of comfort.

Rest in the confidence that your Tattini Boots surpass industry standards inside and out. Evaluating rider feedback and conducting user testing of our own, we are confident our insole is exactly what Equestrian Enthusiasts are looking for. An insole plays too large of a role in our overall health to sacrifice comfort. Layer after layer, Tattini Boots has put together an intuitive sole; but who would have thought that complexity could be so simple. What matters on the outside is that the comfort and breathability you desire is prevalent in each pair of your Italian Riding Boots. Focus your attention to the true soul (sole) of your English Riding Boots, the area in which all your pressure is applied; and experience the depth behind the Tattini Boots Complex Sole.

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