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Durability Standards – Weather Proof

One of the most exciting aspects of servicing locations all across the United States, is witnessing the differences in weather and riding behavior from season to season. Although those in the Midwest are conducting equestrian activities indoors from November – March, many are still enduring excruciating temperatures in other parts of the country. Tattini Boots is the sole United States distributor for Tattini, however our English Riding Boots can be found in countries all across the world; where weather extremes are even more prevalent. Considering this vast differentiation of mother nature, our Italian Craftsmen have devoted their maximum efforts into instilling weather proof circumstances within each of our Italian English Riding Boots. We believe that true satisfaction is achieved when the desired longevity and durability is matched with rider preference. Through an extensive research process, and sincere devotion to our footwear, Tattini Boots remain highly admired and respected while setting a New Durability Standard in Italian English Riding Boots.

What is your least favorite weather: freezing cold, unbearable heat, drenching humidity; there are too many options to choose from. Rather than resting in the marketing perspective of: “lower life-span equals more purchases”; Tattini Boots would rather craft you a Riding Boot that lasts a lifetime. Our goal is to leave equestrian riders and retail locations in absolute awe at the profound quality and durability behind our Italian English Riding Boots. Years of research and stress testing are instilled into each of our Italian English Riding Boots before they are released to the public, guaranteeing that the common breakdown experienced in other brands does not exist. After the completion of this initial phase, a group of riders are then granted Tattini Boots to conduct further User Testing. Even after public release, customer feedback and suggestions are still being applied to newer versions of our models, keeping each at the top of the expectation ladder. At Tattini Boots, we offer you a refined list of tried and trued models, rather than giving you the confusing opportunity to select between 100+ different models all claiming to be better than the next. We strive to provide the trust and reliability you are seeking in your next pair of Italian English Riding Boots.

Although Tattini Boots are constructed to survive on their own, there are still additional techniques you can perform to further insure this. This process is similar to many other apparel products, such as shoes or suits/dresses. Although their elegance and durability are prevalent, we may still wipe them down after a rainy day or bring them to the cleaners. Caring for your Italian Riding Boots is a little more complex, and we recognize that all too often different suggestions are provided. With this in mind, we have established a distinct page for the Cleaning and Maintenance Instruction of Tattini Boots.

Whether you are indoors shielding yourself from heavy rain, outdoors surviving through excruciating temperatures, or just somewhere in the middle; Tattini Boots were made for your day. Our Italian English Riding Boots love traveling through feet of snow, or riding for countless hours on your feet in 100°+ weather; they are built for it! Conducive research has allowed for this level of weather proofing within Tattini Boots. Allow us to provide you the comfort you need both on your feet and in your mind, as you rest in the peace that Tattini Boots are constructed with maximum attention toward durability standards. In collaboration, through Tattini research and your additional care in accordance with our Cleaning & Maintenance Instructions, your Tattini Boots will last longer than you ever imagined; truly reaching a state of Weather Proof

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