Covid 19 - Here Through The Struggle: Tattini Boots - Italian English Riding Boots
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Covid-19: Here Through the Struggle

As we continue to migrate our lives in a new way week to week; it has become evident that the world is facing a catastrophe in regards to the coronavirus being classified as a worldwide pandemic. Although we can refute the portrayed perspective of the media, it is still clear that this virus is proposing alteration to the general flow of education, businesses, and the day to day life of the population. Stores across the country are being run dry, depleting their produce and supplies to satisfy families in need or panic. Some are taking precautionary approaches to the extreme in preparation for an increased intensity of global shutdowns and disease severity. Here at Tattini Boots, we are committed to instilling proper sanitary measures, conducted in the most diligent manner as all of us strive for overall protection against this virus. With recognition of this profound struggle, our Team of Tattini Boots would like to emphasize our availability during this time. We will work with you in regards to placing orders, taking care of payments, and guiding you with advice from our Equestrian leaders. As an organization solely devoted to your satisfaction, we have upheld high standards in our English Riding Boots and Warehouse Packaging procedures since the beginning; however we will still be emphasizing an increase in sanitary protection as we work through this struggle.

Cancellations and Closures are arising on a day to day basis, with the additional advisory to stay in a personal quarantine. As of today, Tattini Boots will remain under normal operation. Our United States Warehouse is stocked with a near-complete inventory of our Italian English Riding Boots; refraining from outreach over seas to Spoleto, Italy. As long as shipping carriers are in business to carry our product from our warehouse to your location; your deliveries and Tattini Boots correlation should remain unaffected. Rest in the ease that your Riding Boots are packaged with care in a sanitary environment, ensuring your safety through every step of this critical process. Rest in the ease that Tattini Boots is not only available to you during this time, but taking both financial and precautionary measures to assure your desired experience.

Our staff wishes you, your families, and your businesses the highest safety and sanitary conditions possible through this struggle. As of today’s date (March 18, 2020), we are unaware as to when more control will be placed on the spread of this virus. When faced with such an unintended situation, it is critical to be available for those in need; specifically in the Equestrian Industry. Support your fellow riders and assist where possible; collaboration (with imposed sanitary concerns), is the only way to facilitate the implications. Our certified team of trainers and corporate officials are guided on a thorough step by step process how to move forward with the operation of services with an avoidance of Covid-19. Although accessibility to Tattini Boots may be the least of your worries at this time, we would still like to provide the mental ease and notice that we are an organization that you can trust is there for you; even through the struggle.

Every city in the United States, including the rest of the world, is facing the current standstill together; hoping that implementations will soon place a firmer grip on this infection. Our team at Tattini Boots is on standby for your every need. Please do not hesitate to reach out with your concerns or questions; we look forward to offering you all the structured advice we can.

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