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Since: 1860

An unfamiliar brand name may be easily refuted, but what lies beneath its preface? Although Tattini Boots is newly established throughout the United States, our ancestry dates back to 1860 in Spoleto, Italy. With history comes experience, as we incorporate year to year rider feedback into our hand-crafted riding boots. Temptation may strike clinging you to current name brands; but will you ever understand what true Italian tradition feels like? We are committed to instilling a new standard in English Riding Boots across the United States, encouraging riders throughout country to invest their consideration in a brand as devoted as themselves.

Tradition and ancestry play a critical role in our Equestrian Timeline. Hand crafted riding boots (never factory produced), have now entered the United States with expedited shipping time and localized customer services. When speaking to our team, you are working hand-in-hand with a Tattini in the states, directly related to our Italia counterpart. This is just one of the many aspects we have instilled to raise the bar for Italian Riding Boot companies currently exploiting Equestrian Riders.

We recognize the sincerity and sole commitment to a riding brand of choice, and are in awe with the complaints experienced on a day to day basis while doing so. If you have felt lack of comfort, individual attention, or quality issues; you likely are not intertwined with an brand dedicated to proper motives. Most capitalized brands reach status through capitalized markets, cutting corners and dodging requests that can inhibit overall revenue. At Tattini Boots, our top tier desire is your complete satisfaction; as we remain on standby for your comments until you are comfortable in English Riding Boots you both desire and deserve.

Hesitation to dwell upon a newer brand (to the United States), vs. current popular (but not necessarily reputable) brands is prevalent in the Equestrian industry; which is built upon trust and loyalty. “Setting the trend” or “Stepping out of your comfort zone” are two feelings that our team at Tattini Boots understands fully. You may be in a position of evaluating alternative feedback before investing in such a brand yourself. Here at Tattini Boots, we encourage you to dive deeper into your newfound interest if you are currently experiencing un-preferred characteristics with your current English Riding Boots. Take the chance, and join our group of satisfied riders who are already experiencing what this New Standard in Riding boots feels like.

Although Tattini Boots are making their first renowned appearance throughout the U.S, we encourage you to consider the depth of ancestry in each pair. Through ancestry relation and historical experience, we have constructed the perfect manner to offer you Semi-Custom Italian English Riding Boots at a price and quality un-relative to the current market. Making a transition or sacrificing current level name brands is not an easy decision, and we encourage you to reach out to a Tattini Representative just to discuss your concerns. Whether you are in the market for a new pair of Riding Boots, or simply looking to share your comments/concerns, our United States Tattini representatives are on standby for your every need.

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 Tattini Boots
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