Choosing the Perfect Equestrian Riding Boots
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Choosing the Perfect Equestrian Riding Boots

When searching for the “perfect equestrian apparel”, there are several key aspects that a typical buyer will seek. If you are new to riding, then you may already have an open perspective to your English Riding Boots; and this article is perfect for you. For experienced riders, we will touch on the usual aspects of quality, comfort and safety, while exclaiming just how Tattini Boots withholds all of these variables. In instances in which the choice of boot style is not your personal preference, and rather show/exhibition requirements, we also offer a variety of riding boot options to fit your style while maintaining these external requirements.

Tall Boots is a very general term that encompasses: Field, Dress, and Dressage boots. Each category provides its own sense of comfort, durability, and functionality in regards to the overall purpose:

Field Boots are worn in the discipline of hunter/jumper, and are commonly seen at the lower level of dressage competitions. Usually including a “spanish top line” and a lace system at the front of the instep. This style allows the rider to achieve a correct heels down foot position for any competition at stake.
Dress Boots exhibit a more polished and refined look than a field boot, and are commonly seen in formal hunter/jumper classes. This style of boots offers a very flexible style with minimal break-in time, and a full length zipper for easy on/off wear. The contoured cut matches that of a field boot, but usually includes its own sophistication to emphasize maximum comfort.
Dressage Boots offer a much stiffer style than a field or dress boot, which allows support for the rider’s relatively flat foot position in the stirrup; ensuring maximum contact with the side of the horse during riding. This “stove pipe” design prevents both dropping and creasing at the ankle, and are often viewed as a very high class option for exhibitions; also including a full length zipper for easy on/off wear.
Another alternative are Paddock Boots, which are an ankle high style chosen by all riders from the beginner to professional level. This style of boots allows the rider to transition from the stable to the saddle in both comfort and style; featuring a lower cost than the previously mentioned three models. Daily riding is often conducted in paddock boots to prevent wear and tear on personally owned Tall Boots.

Beyond selecting the appropriate model for your riding preference, some more general characteristics that are sought after in every boot is: Long lifespan (Durability), Maximum Comfort, Break-In Time, Zipper Quality, Color Reflection, Quality Leather, Refined Seems, and an overall presence of elegance.

Here at Tattini Boots, we not only offer each model listed above, but also have implemented supreme craftsmanship to ensure that the generally sought after characteristics can be found in every pair. As a company that has been around since 1860 in Europe, we have passed feedback and user testing reports from generation to generation; allowing us to create the near-perfect boot that you are looking for.

Your hunt ends here, give Tattini Boots a try today and allow us to change your riding experience forever

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