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What is Tradition?

“Tradition”. Merriam-Webster defines tradition as, “following or conforming to tradition : adhering to past practices or established conventions”. In order to withhold a tradition, qualities must be passed and upheld from one generation to the next. Here at Tattini Boots, we understand the value of experience, and have passed knowledge and progressive characteristics through generations since 1860. Our ancestors in Spoleto, Italy founded Tattini Boots in the mid 1800s, and 2019 marks our introductory year to the United States. We now have the opportunity to offer over 150 years of packed tradition and improvements to our English Riding Boots directly in the United States with a newly refined Tattini Boots warehouse.

Withholding tradition in a business identity requires long term trust and evolution between customers and product. Without overall satisfaction and consistency, reputation is hindered. Tattini has continually crafted premium Quality English Riding Boots that exceed the expectation of Equestrian riders. With a dedication for pristine elegance and profound quality, reliability and trust has been generated in Europe since the day Tattini was opened. We are now anxious to carry this tradition over to the United States, providing both retailers and Equestrian riders with the same level of trust right here in America.

Generation to generation, evolution and advancement is prevalent; even in the Dressage Boot industry. Consistent research and investment in these categories has allowed Tattini Boots to stay above the trend in the English Riding world. Our boots feature exclusive characteristics such as: Interchangeable Straps, Patented Air Boost Technology, and Exclusive Calf Leather Refinement. Our goal is to provide you with a brand with durability and elegance that you can trust.

We thought, “Why make a sacrifice when developing Tattini Boots?” In other words, why dedicate more attention to one quality, only to make a sacrifice in the quality of another. It is too often that we hear feedback from other brands with a positive that lead to a negative. Our knowledgeable craftsmen at Tattini have attributed their skills into formulating the perfect riding boot; which lives true to every value considered by equestrian riders.

Beyond quality, at Tattini Boots we strive to establish a relationship with depth and understanding. Whether you are a retailer, english rider, stable owner, or just a person of interest; we would love to get to know you! It is a firm belief that the Equestrian Industry should work together in unison to become all that it can. With the confidence in your satisfaction, our team is solely interested in your feedback. Rather than disappearing from the radar after your order, we will have an owner personally reach out to you in case any questions or concerns arise

When searching for your next English Riding Boot or Paddock Boot, we hope you consider Tattini; a company formed through tradition and evolution. We are anxious to unveil the same experience to the United States; and look forward to establishing a long term relationship with you

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